About 10 years ago we started taking our summer camp staff to San Diego to run the same type of sports camps we run here, down there.

These churches do not have a program like Shoreline Sports nor do they have the capability of running camps on their own.  This week is completely volunteer for our workers and we do not charge the churches anything. We pay for this week through donations and fundraising. If you are interested in donating towards the San Diego trip you can head to our PayPal page and use the top “Pay Now” button to input whatever donation you want to give.

The San Diego week is a blessing to those churches but it is also a huge blessing to our workers. Not only do they learn the value and impact of service, but we also get to spend time in devotion and prayer together as a staff. Many of our workers walk away from this week with a greater appreciation for what they have and a new outlook on serving the body of Christ. But don’t take our word for it, watch the videos below to hear directly from them!

See a glimpse of what we do in San Diego & hear from our workers who served in 2017:

Hear from our workers who served in 2015: