Shoreline Sports Payments

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K-12 Leagues

Instructional BB League $120 ($60 if second season in a school year)
Cheerleading $60

Pay for a Sports League:


Shoreline Sports Jersey

Players may choose to purchase a jersey for $20.

Purchase a Jersey:


Summer Sports Camps

Prices are based on camps purchased within a family unit.
First Camp in a Family: $100, Each Camp in a Family after that is $50

Pay for Summer Sports Camp:

Lil’ Shoreline Sportsters (ages 3 to Kindergarten)

Sports Camps: soccer, basketball, t-ball – each $25

Pay for a Lil' Sportsters Camp:


Summer Camp Snack Bar $ (Optional)

Each summer camp has a snack time (other than lil’ sportsters camps), we recommend you put in $12.50 for one child for one week. This will ensure they have money for each day.
We do not allow them to spend more than $2.50 per day unless otherwise noted by you.

Add Snack Bar $$: