General Information

Leagues offered:

  • Tuesdays have a mixture of skill levels.
  • Fridays are for coed teams and/or teams comprised of players 29 years of age and older.
  • ** The League Director maintains the right to move teams


  • $275 per team per season
    • (A team willing to pay the entire fee for 4 sessions up front will receive the fifth session free)
  • $75 deposit per team (paid once upon the team’s entry into the league)
    • If a team uses up the entire deposit, the League Director has the right to remove the team from the league; if the league director chooses to keep the team in, a new deposit of $150 must be paid immediately. All deposit refunds will be paid Jan. 15, 2019.
  • Each technical will cost a team $10; a technical for profanity is $20.
  • Non-numbered jerseys cost $20 to buy a jersey, a player cannot play without a number, duct taped numbers are not acceptable.
  • A forfeit will cost a team $50.
  • The appropriate referee fee per game ($25 or $30)

Seasons of sports:

Starting Nights

Session 1 – the week of January 6
Session 2 – the second week of March
Session 3 – the third week of May
Session 4 – the final week of July
Session 5 – the final week of September

** Teams are guaranteed a minimum of seven games. We will make every effort to schedule eight games whenever possible.

More information:

To find out more about our rules check out our RULES page.

To fill out the paper work to sign up your team, head over to our BRINGING A TEAM IN page.