Our preschool program is nicknamed the Lil’ Sportsters Program and it is open to children in kindergarten and below. We currently only offer three instructional summer camps to this age group. Each camp is 45 minutes long and focuses on the basics of the sport through instruction and fundamental building. On the Thursdays and Fridays of camp the kids get to participate in mini games to put what they have learned into action!

Lil’ Hoopsters and Lil’ Kickers camps are both offered in our gym, Lil’ Sluggers takes place outside at Gisler field (next door to our parking lot).

*We do not have a snack time during these camps but you are more than welcome to purchase items from our snack bar before or after camp.

Lil Sportsters Summer Camp Dates:

  • Lil’ Kickers Camp
    July 13-17, 10:45-11:30
  • Lil’ Hoopsters Camp
    August 3-7, 10:45-11:30
  • Lil’ Sluggers Camp
    August 10-14, 10:45-11:30

CLICK HERE to register for one of our Lil’ Sportsters Summer Camps