Performing Arts Camp

August 14-18

General Information

General Daily Schedule: Each camp will have a snack and devotion time in the middle. The focus of the daily schedule is on instruction.

The Showcase: The Showcase for all three camps will be on Friday night from 6:30 to 8:00. We will supply all theatre participants dinner, as they need to stay through on Friday.

Fee: Each of the camps is part of our Performing Arts Camp week. The fee for an individual camp is $50. If your child signs up for all 3 camps, the fee is $100. If any member of your family has participated in a camp this summer, the fee for all three sections is $50. The Performing Arts Camp is covered by the Family Plan.


What Styles do we teach? We will teach 3 different styles of dancing. There will be one dance per style of dance for a total of 3 dances to perform at the Showcase on Friday night.

What will the Dancers do at the Showcase? The dancers will show what they have learned. We combine the groups, and each person does 3 dances.


What is Music Camp like? The music portion of performing arts week will be 1 part singing and 1 part instruments/percussion. The kids will learn & perform 1 song to sing, 1 song to play, and 1 song where some kids sing and some kids play.

What are the Ages and Times? Campers entering 3 rd grade and above will meet daily from 1:15 to 3:00

What will we do on the Showcase Night? The Music Camp campers will sing and play their instruments. The exact schedule and the nature of the performance will be determined during the week of camp.


What is a typical day like? The campers will begin by playing an ice breaker theatre game to get them out of their shell, used to playing a different role, and experience on the stage itself. After this, they will go over basic acting techniques. After the first day, they will be given a script and then they will practice their lines, stage the scenes, and prep the performance.

What are the Ages and Times? Theatre camp is for entering 3rd grade and above. They will meet each day from 3:15 to 5:00.

What is the Showcase about? Depending on the number of campers, they will either put on one big performance or a couple smaller skits on Friday night. Either way, they will be required to memorize lines; however, the director/script writer does her best not to make the script too difficult and no lines too long. No major costumes or props will be necessary. Most of the performances in the past ask the actors for an easy dress up and/or to bring basic props (toys, pajamas, a flashlight, etc.).

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