About Steven

Steven started playing in Shoreline Sports when he was in the 4th grade. When he was in the 6th grade, Shoreline Sports founder, Dan Willard, pulled him aside and offered him a chance to work in the summer camps (little did Dan know that he’d also played a role in gaining Steven as a son in law). Once working, Steven began to rise through the many different levels of summer camp jobs, all while playing, coaching and refereeing in the youth leagues. Shoreline Sports had a profound impact on him from an early age, and developed his passion for basketball, eventually leading him to play at the collegiate level.

In 2016 Steven married Breanna and they have two children – Everett and Blakely. If you participate in our programs, there is a good chance you will see either Everett or Blakely or both because Steven and Breanna love involving them in the community of Shoreline Sports.

Steven took over Shoreline Sports from his lifelong mentor, Dan Willard, in 2022, and is involved in various other church ministries including leading the young adults lifegroup on Sunday mornings.

Steven still actively participates in our adult basketball leagues which we run twice a week and he loves still getting to coach teams throughout the various seasons of youth leagues. With a passion for both sports and outreach, Steven hopes to continue sharing the gospel of Jesus with the community through the use of sports for as long as God allows him to.