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We offer two nights of basketball – Tuesday and Friday. Tuesdays are a mixture of skill levels, Fridays are either 30+ or coed.

Our Friday league currently has 7 teams, below is the game schedule.

For more information on our adult programs, the rules, and how to bring a team in please see our adult basketball leagues page.

Game Schedule – Fridays Session 5 2018

Over Thirty Teams:
OT1. Shooting Blanks
OT3. Old Guys                              OT4. Bulls
OT5. Raider Nation                     OT6. MwithC

Coed Teams:
C1. Team Favorite                        C2. Ballin’ for Jesus

First team listed wears dark; second team wears light

7:40                8:40                       9:40                Bye
Oct. 19         C2 vs. OT3        C1 vs. OT1        OT6 vs. OT5       OT4
Oct. 26        OT1 vs. OT6      C2 vs. C1           OT4 vs. OT5       OT3
Nov. 2         OT4 vs. C2        OT6 vs. OT3      OT5 vs. C1         OT1
Nov. 9          OT1 vs. C2       C1 vs. OT6         OT3 vs. OT4      OT5
Nov. 16       OT4 vs. OT1     C2 vs. OT6         OT5 vs. OT3       C1
Nov. 23       No Games – Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30      OT6 vs. OT4     OT5 vs. OT1         OT3 vs. C1          C2
Dec. 7          C1 vs. C2           OT1 vs. OT3        OT5 vs. OT4       OT6
Dec. 14        Playoffs              Playoffs                   Playoffs
Dec. 21         Champ.               Champ.

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