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We offer three nights of basketball – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are a mixture of skill levels, Fridays are either 30+ or coed.

Our Friday league currently has 8 teams, below is the game schedule.

For more information on our adult programs, the rules, and how to bring a team in please see our adult basketball leagues page.

Game Schedule – Fridays Session 4, 2018
Over Thirty Teams:
OT1. Shooting Blanks        OT2. Baller4Life
OT3. Old Guys                    OT4. Bulls
OT5. Raider Nation           OT6. MwithC

Coed Teams:
C1. Team Favorite              C2. Ballin’ for Jesus

First team listed wears dark; second team wears light

7:40                  8:40                 9:40                          Bye

Aug. 10           Champ. S3         OT6 vs. C1         C2 vs. OT5         OT1, OT2, OT3, OT4
Aug. 17           OT1 vs. OT4       C2 vs. OT3         OT5 vs. OT2                C1, OT6
Aug. 24          OT1 vs. OT3       C2 vs. OT6         C1 vs. OT4                  OT2, OT5
Aug. 31           C1 vs. OT2         OT4 vs. OT6      OT5 vs. OT3                 OT1, C2

7:00                  7:50                 8:45                       9:40

Sept. 7             C2 vs. OT2         OT6 vs. OT1         C1 vs. OT3          OT4 vs. OT5

7:40                  8:40                 9:40                          Bye

Sept. 14           C1 vs. C2           OT1 vs. OT2         OT5 vs. OT6              OT3, OT4
Sept. 21           OT1 vs. C1         OT2 vs. OT4         OT6 vs. OT3              OT5, C2
Sept. 28          C2 vs. OT1         OT3 vs. OT2         OT4 vs. OT5               C1, OT6

7:00                  7:50                 8:45                       9:40

Oct. 5                 Playoff                 Playoff               Playoff                     Playoff

7:40                        8:40                    9:40

Oct. 12          Championship        Championship         Bonus Game

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